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Solo Travel, Desire & Finding Nemo

I travel regularly, but in the past when I am traveling it is for a purpose. It could be that I am visiting friends or family, going on a work trip, or taking a holiday with friends or a partner. So on my first true solo travel adventure, I decided to go to a place […]

The Rejection Advantage: how to get everything you really want

Perception Magazine published my latest musings on rejection. You can read all about it by following the link below, or read here for the full article. The Rejection Advantage The Rejection Advantage: how to get everything you really want I heard the warning loud and clear in my mind “death would be an easier option”. […]

My Interview with Perception

Last month I was interviewed for online magazine Perception. I talked about my project “The Rejection Advantage” and shared some thoughts about how to grow your resilience towards rejection and lead a happier and more fulfilled life. Here’s a few highlights from the interview: How people with more resilience for receiving rejection tend to do […]

Build Confidence, Be Confident

If you are like millions of people around the world, if you are like me, then self-confidence wasn’t something you were magically born with. For many of us, it is something that we desperately want, but it can seem elusive. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are things you can do to build […]

Using Hypnotherapy for Confidence Building You Can Leave Low Self-Confidence Where It Belongs…In The Past.

Recently in my practice I have had a number of clients who have come to see me seeking more self-confidence. Often people who have low self-confidence don’t precisely know what having self-confidence would be like, they just know that they want it because what they currently experience is having a negative impact on their life. They […]