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What is Anxiety?

Hypnotherapy for anxiety, an effective treatment for anxiety

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

The definition of anxiety is a fear which is exaggerated intensely in the mind of the sufferer. It is often based upon a fear of something the sufferer finds stressful, such as social situations or travelling, or a general feeling where the cause is unknown. It is often rooted in a previous traumatic life experiences although this may not be apparent in the victim’s conscious mind.

If you suffer from anxiety, or an anxiety disorder such as generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder or social anxiety disorder you may find your symptoms are triggered by certain situations, or experience a “free floating anxiety”, where you never feel able to relax, like you constantly have to look over your shoulder, or like a nameless, faceless, someone is continually out to get you. Maybe you need guidance on how to cope with anxiety, or are wondering how to stop having anxiety attacks but find your experiences are so misunderstood by those around you, you often don’t know where to turn.

Anxiety disorders are often made light of but can have very real physical symptoms. What’s more, they can trigger panic attacks (also known as anxiety attacks), or cause intense fears that hold you back in life. Coping with anxiety can be difficult to do on your own but treatment for anxiety is available.

Seeking Help: Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Help for anxiety is at hand in the form of hypnotherapy. Cognitive Hypnotherapy can be a successful treatment for anxiety because it aims to seek out the underlying cause of the anxiety within the patient’s subconscious and effectively remove it from their subconscious or change your feelings towards it.

Rachel Moore is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist in London with over fifteen year’s therapy experience. Offering a safe and non-judgmental environment, Rachel will help you get to the root cause of your anxiety problem. Using proven Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques, Rachel offers a fast and effective program of hypnosis for anxiety, which may see your problem resolved in as little as three-to-five sessions.

You can receive hypnotherapy for anxiety at either of the Rachel Moore Cognitive Hypnotherapy practices in London, the central London offering hypnotherapy in Harley Street and the City practice offering hypnotherapy in Moorgate. Rachel also offers remote anxiety hypnotherapy sessions via Skype.

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