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Individual, Couple & Group Coaching in London

Connect INconnect In general

Once quarterly on a Saturday from 10:30am-12.30pm in London

Connect IN group coaching in London is a place to explore all facets of well-being in good company.

In this group we speak openly and honestly in a way that people rarely do, and in this safe space we deeply connect with ourselves and one another. The energy we create together is of acceptance, compassion, humour and a hopeful desire for ourselves and one another to live our most contented and dream-led lives.

The purpose of the group is to provoke insights and deepen learning so as to unlock possibilities for expanding creativity, experiencing more happiness and strengthening relationships.

Each session I prepare material that is focused on personal growth in hopes that you will be engaged, inspired and excited about integrating your insights and learnings into your life to create meaningful changes.

Making this group affordable so that those who are committed to personal growth can come along is important to me. I am therefore asking the following: once you say ‘yes’ to a place, please do plan on attending and please bring £30 cash on the day. I am seeking a little compensation for my preparation time so that our sessions are rich growth experiences.

Deep Dive Coaching Days

Deep dive coaching days are for those who want to jump start the change process and don’t have the time to commit to weekly coaching sessions or want to create fast results. This is also ideal for international clients. 

All coaching days begin at least a week ahead of time with a Skype or phone call lasting up to an hour where we clarify the outcomes you are seeking from our day together. Since each coaching day experience is tailored to meet your needs, I will then plan a bespoke experience for you.


Individual coaching day: The focus can be to do with your personal life or your business world. Perhaps you want to discover what you really want from life, or wonder if something is missing. Or maybe you know what youwant to achieve but you just never seem to do it. For some, limiting beliefs, distracting habits and destructive patterns are getting in the way of life or work success. Whatever you want to focus on, a deep dive coaching day could be just what you need to move forward.


holding handsCouple coaching day: This is ideal for new couples as well as long established couples who are looking to strengthen their relationship together or those who are seeking to respectfully part.

Each day is bespoke to your couple outcomes. I find that when you and your partner develop a clearer understanding for one another, then you have the potential to create relationship growth as a couple. A relationship without growth becomes stagnant and out of date quickly, choosing how it will develop puts a couple in control of the quality of their relationship.

However, the reality is that sometimes couples will come to coaching for help deciding if they should part ways or may already know that separating is the way forward. It is often easy to view a successful relationship as one where people stay together, however, there are times when a relationship has been successful and loving for many years, but that for whatever reason, the relationship ceases to provide for the needs of the couple anymore. It is incredibly powerful to part in a respectful and caring manner; in effect, leaving the baggage behind! Separating with children involved has the potential to become an area for disagreement when if often need not be. Mediating how to part, and if appropriate, to keep the focus on the children can involve drafting a plan that feels right for all involved.

I would be happy to answer your questions or have a free exploratory chat with you about any of these new opportunities for growth, love and well-being. Please get in touch: