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Rachel Moore, Leadership Coach

Rachel Moore, Cognitive Hypnotherapist in LondonLICSW, MSW, DipCHyp, HPD, NLP (MPrac), LICSW, PGDip

With a background in Psychology, Counseling, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Rachel Moore is a Personal Development Coach focusing on self-leadership.

Rachel’s Background

Having completed a BA in Psychology in the US, Rachel went on to complete a Masters in Clinical and Contextual Social Work (therapy) at the University of Seattle, (Washington, USA) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology from The University of East London (London, UK). After years spent working as a therapist she developed a strong interest in the way Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help clients uncover and address the underlying cause of a problem. Rachel trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist with Trevor Silvester, the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy at the internationally acclaimed Quest Institute at Regent’s University in London.

Rachel is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in the State of Washington, she is also a registered Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD). Rachel is also an NLP Master Practitioner and trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). With a background in counseling, utilizing cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), gestalt and humanistic approaches, Rachel provides a comprehensive approach that is tailored to meet the needs and preferences of each client. More recently Rachel has been incorporating principles from positive psychology into her coaching work.

Rachel left her work as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist on London’s Harley Street to move her practice online with an in-person practice located in Issaquah, WA on the eastside of Seattle. With a busy global practice online, in person retreats and workshops, and her private practice, Rachel continues to thrive in the coaching world.

Enquiries and bookings:

Tel:  USA (425) 677 3136 or email:

UK: 07753 230343

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Training and Qualifications

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Diploma Quest Institute-London
NLP Practitioner Quest Institute-London
Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology University of East London
Master’s in Clinical & Contextual Social Work University of Washington, Seattle, USA
BA Psychology University of North Carolina, Wilmington, USA

Rachel Moore Therapy provides coaching online. After working on London’s prestigious Harley Street for 5 years, Rachel now runs a private coaching practice in Issaquah, WA where she works with clients in person and online who are ready to make positive changes in their lives.