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Using Hypnotherapy for Confidence Building You Can Leave Low Self-Confidence Where It Belongs…In The Past.

Using Hypnotherapy for Confidence Building You Can Leave Low Self-Confidence Where It Belongs…In The Past.

Recently in my practice I have had a number of clients who have come to see me seeking more self-confidence. Often people who have low self-confidence don’t precisely know what having self-confidence would be like, they just know that they want it because what they currently experience is having a negative impact on their life. They have a belief that gaining confidence is the answer…and they are right. Utilising coaching techniques and hypnotherapy for confidence building I have developed a unique and powerful model for permanent change.

So what is self-confidence anyway?

Self-confidence is how we view our own capabilities to do something. People who have a sense of self-confidence have a belief that they have everything they need to manage the challenges of life. On the flip side, people with low self-confidence have a dimished trust in their own qualities or competences to formulate the necessary skills for their life and as a result often avoid people, places and opportunities which could be beneficial to them in many ways.

Why do we need confidence?

This element of our personality affects every area of our life. It can impact our actions when talking in public or even just to our family and friends. It impacts the relationships we have, and the things we do. We need confidence to help us progress and to take opportunities that we are offered. Having confidence also means that we believe that we are able to do all the routine things everyone else is doing in life. In addition to the ways in which confidence impacts our personal lives, having self-confidence plays a bigger role in our work lives than many of us realise.  Research by professor Timothy Judge from the University of Florida found that people with high levels of self-confidence performed better in their job, experience more work satisfaction and had higher salaries.[1]

What causes low confidence?

Low self-confidence can be triggered by one particular event in your past that affected how you view your capabilities or from a childhood full of difficulty and negativity from your peers or a significant adult. From time to time people can discover their confidence is damaged having not realised it was a problem before. A few negative events can really affect us – maybe a redundancy has left you more discouraged by rejected job applications than you formerly would have been or perhaps a physical illness has affected your confidence to live your life as fully as before becoming ill. Every now and then it is easy to ignore how much incidents have affected us negatively and how those effects may be preventing us from moving forward. In some cases, the reason is far less traumatic and simply a case of the person not identifying their skills and abilities or not knowing how to make use of these skills and abilities effectively.

You may have low self-confidence if you: have persistent self-doubt; you avoid certain environments for fear of feeling uncomfortable, you have problems communicating confidently, you dismiss your own wishes or you steer clear of opportunities that are advantageous seemingly for no reason.

Can it be fixed?

You absolutely can! The initial step is finding out what caused low self-confidence in the beginning. Because a hypnotic approach addresses the mind as a whole, it is an effective way to find the root cause of self-confidence problems and handle them efficiently.

There are many options for those experiencing low confidence, and the most important thing to do is to realise it and get help. It can be distressing to feel this way. However, once you recognise that it is only your own brain keeping you from growing in life you can begin to make changes, and knowing that can be empowering. When it is only your own mind that is the obstacle, you have a chance to turn that around and move forward, turning into the person you would like to be.

“I certainly expected to see some changes after the hypnotherapy but I could never have imagined quite how dramatic these changes would be.  I feel more confident and relaxed than I have ever felt before… I am surprised and delighted by the dramatic difference” Lucy, London

Many people like Lucy choose to do something about this issue. Cognitive hypnotherapy can help – if you consider yourself to be a person with low self-confidence and you are ready to make changes, then call me today because feeling differently about yourself can be so much easier than you might imagine.

Rachel Moore has worked with people struggling with low self-confidence for over a decade. Using her unique model clients benefit from hypnotherapy for confidence building permanently. After working in the US for many years, Rachel now has a private practice in London.