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Sarah, London (Fertility Treatment)

Life changing. I really do equate the work I did with Rachel with the successful outcome of my third fertility treatment. Starting the hypnotherapy, I’d racked up two failed IUI attempts. I was floundering with my diet and kind of hating my body. Rachel really got me to start thinking positively about my body and being more hopeful about the possibility for a successful outcome in our third IUI.



NinaAlexanderbabyNina, London (Fertility Treatment)

Rachel is not your typical coach or therapist. She is open, approachable and wise wise wise. She is about empowering you to access your inner wisdom and finding the best answer for your individual circumstances. She works very much to your needs whether it’s a long-term goal or a specific issue you want to work with. I was cynical about visualisation/hypnosis at first but I found several of the exercises extremely insightful and helpful.


Aside from the fact that I went onto have a beautiful son the work I’ve done with Rachel has benefited a number of other aspects of my personal life, including my relationship.

Kirsty, London (Public Speaking for Tedx)

If you are looking for a coach to work with on giving a masterful speech, presentation or on overcoming a fear connected to public speaking, I couldn’t recommend Rachel highly enough. Together we worked on crafting my  talk for TEDx, overcoming limiting beliefs to success and creating the optimum state for performance. Rachel was a large part of how I managed to give such a well received presentation and I can’t thank her highly enough – she is a master coach. If you get the opportunity to work with her snap it up and enjoy the ride. It certainly made all the difference to me and I’m sure it will to you too.

Emma, London (Eating disorder)

“I had my hypnotherapy session in November and it’s taken me months to write a testimonial simply because the change in my life from hypnotherapy has been so profound and ongoing.  First, there was the sudden end of the eating disorder which had been hurting me both mentally and physically for 35 years.  I literally had the disorder in the morning and then, after the session, didn’t have it any more.  The session I had with Rachel was intense, cathartic and incredibly freeing.  There was also a lot of healing work and I remember Rachel leaving me with the idea that this work would continue within me.  How true!  Not only have I been able really look after my health without sabotage, but I’ve also found the strength to give up my stressful teaching job, take a break and retrain.  My therapy with Rachel enabled me to really start valuing myself.  If you feel that you are ready to begin your healing journey I recommend Rachel wholeheartedly. ”

Alex, London (OCD, Self-Esteem, Alcohol & Food Issues)

“Rachel’s help has been life-changing for me. Since childhood I’d struggled with major anxiety which led to OCD, self-harm, low self-esteem and issues with alcohol and food. I’d tried various therapies to tackle this – counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy – but, while some improved things a little, they didn’t help me to deal with it properly. At a very desperate time, when I felt at rock bottom, I went to see Rachel on a recommendation from a friend. In just a few sessions, she helped me tackle the OCD that had previously ruled my life (to the point where I no longer consider myself to have it) and I have stopped self-harming for good. I’ve struggled with my weight for years but Rachel found a way to completely ‘reset’ my relationship with food. I used to be a thin person who loved food but wasn’t emotionally attached to it. I never thought I could get back to that happy mindset and I’m astonished that after only a couple of sessions with Rachel I quickly lost weight and, even better, now have a completely normal relationship with food. I’m amazed – I didn’t that was going to be possible for me! As well as getting fantastic results very quickly, Rachel is so easy to talk to. I’ve found other therapy sessions to be quite stressful or upsetting at times and often dreaded the appointments, but this wasn’t the case with Rachel – her warm manner made it feel like talking to a friend and the hypnotherapy was incredibly relaxing.”

Lucy (Stage Performance & Confidence)

“Having never had any hypnotherapy before I didn’t know what to expect but you instantly put me at my ease, listened attentively to what I had to say and carefully devised a treatment plan that was unique to me.  I certainly expected to see some changes after the hypnotherapy but I could never have imagined quite how dramatic these changes would be.  I feel more confident and relaxed than I have ever felt before… I am surprised and delighted by the dramatic difference you have made. I am particularly glad that I have the MP3 you made for me. It means that although I no longer need for treatment I have a point of reference for when I need it.”

Christine (Weight Loss & Self-Esteem)

“I’d always struggled with weight issues, never being able to stick to any diet, failing over and over again, then beating myself up for not being good enough and rewarding/punishing myself with food. When I started seeing Rachel it became clear early on that the issues weren’t about food, greed or lack of will-power. They were much more deep-rooted than I had really imagined, relating to long standing issues around self esteem and self belief. It was only upon facing and tackling those issues once and for all that I really began to understand my relationship with food. I began to believe I was a fundamentally good, loveable, valuable and important person. Once I really believed that, eating well and looking after my body became so easy because I knew, finally, that I deserved to be healthy and happy. I couldn’t have done it without Rachel’s knowledge, compassion, understanding and guidance, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Jo (Business Coaching)

“Rachel is a very warm, caring individual by nature but is also highly professional and knowledgeable as a therapist. She has a excellent understanding of hypnotherapy and NLP and she was fantastic in doing some business coaching with me for a new business venture. I would highly recommend her if you are looking to make some positive change in your life.”

Victoria (Confidence)

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I saw Rachel for help with an issue I had about confidence. However, from the moment she started asking me questions about my problem and specifically asking what I wanted to achieve through working with her I really felt like she was going to be able to help me. I found working with Rachel to be a really positive experience, she has such a calming and understanding nature, and I’m already seeing some really great changes happening for me that I believe are a direct result of the cognitive hypnotherapy work. Thanks Rachel.”

Emily (Anxiety)

“Thank you so much you all your help in the run up to my wedding.  I was quite nervous about the day in preceding months, and particularly concerned about how I would handle the competing pressures of being a host and the centre of attention.  Our work around my views of myself and attitudes towards relationships with other people, as well as the more fundamental work we did on my views of my anxiety, made a huge contribution to my enjoyment of the day.  In the event, I felt able to be present and responsive to my guests and enjoy their company without feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility.  This was just one indicator of the successful work that we did together.”

Ruth (Food, IBS)

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help this year.  I first contacted you in June this year about feeling out of control around food.  You have helped so much with that, but also in so many other ways.  I often listen to the mp3s that you gave me in order to relax, focus and gain some perspective on things.  They really help, more than I can express.  And I thank you so so much for that.”

Anonymous (Workshop, Big Dreams and Setting Themes)

“Rachel is extremely gifted and I would highly recommend her and her workshops. Today has been a really positive and energising experience for me.”

Nikki Parsons (Workshop, Connected Success)

“I would say that the focus of this workshop is personal development and growth. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and to be inspired to be the best you can be.”

Rachel Moore offers therapy in London. For those in the Moorgate, Bank and Liverpool Street station area therapy and & coaching is offered at the Light Centre Moorgate. Hypnotherapy is also available at 1 Harley Street which is near Oxford Circus and Bond Street tube stations. After working in the US for over 10 years, Rachel now runs a private therapy practice in London where she works with clients who are ready to make positive changes in their lives.