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Being Vulnerable: the Power of Vulnerability

Today I begin a 10 month process with some of the top coaches in the world. Together this small group, led by Rich Litvin (co-author of The Prosperous Coach and million dollar LA coach) and we will step out of our individual comfort zones and dedicate our careers to create impact in a way that we never have before.

Yesterday, I received an email from Rich telling me that today was ‘vulnerability day’ and I immediately felt butterflies in my stomach….nerves. You see, I have become quite comfortable with being vulnerable over the past few years. I have stretched, challenged and pushed myself outside of my comfort zone by embracing the feelings of vulnerability that come with it. Yet here I am, nervous…slightly scared that I am going to have to go so far that I will be exposed to a new depth, a secret place, a place where I feel shaky and my head fills with doubt. Will I be able to do it?

Of course I’ve been practicing vulnerability for a while so I trust myself to know that I will step up, I will step into the discomfort. I will do this because I know that in my profession I can only take a client as deep as I’ve gone myself. Knowing this propels me to keep digging. In these moments I am reminded of the courage that my clients show to me when they dig into their vulnerability. To tell the truth, sometimes I forget how difficult it can be for them. To remember and honour my clients I will always commit to stepping into vulnerability, there is nothing like the butterflies that I feel today to bring me present with that experience. I don’t know what I’ll find when I dig today in a room full of powerful leaders, but I know it’ll be worth it.

Here’s my favourite speaker, researcher and vulnerability expert Brene Brown who demonstrates the power of vulnerability. Click here to watch her Ted talk now.

If you would like to experience what is possible when you step into vulnerability, contact me today.