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Hypnotherapy for Depression: Can you be Happy in London’s Economic Hub?


This morning I was reading an article written by Matt Hawkins in the Huffington Post ‘So It Turns Out Londoners Aren’t All That Happy – What Can We Do About It?’  The underlying message felt familiar, something we’ve all heard before, and doubtless will again: money doesn’t make you happy. In fact, Hawkins reports that while “Londoners have the highest disposable incomes in the country they are also the most anxious and have the lowest levels of life satisfaction” and I can’t help but agree. Often clients come through my door seeking hypnotherapy for depression or stress that they don’t understand because they have their material needs provided for. In his article Hawkins likens Londoners working conditions to being on a treadmill with a coach Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator yelling at you to keep going while simultaneously turning up the speed. Don’t worry though, because Hawkins suggests that there is hope as political and international interest in workers satisfaction and income is on the rise. Presumably, the implication being that soon companies will care more, and that coach Arnie will be replaced by coach Mary Berry. The problem I find with this version of hope is that it encourages people to wait for their environment to change, rather than taking back control for their lives.

Now my sample isn’t based on rigorous research, it is simply an acknowledgement that in my work I meet a lot of people who despite higher incomes are not enjoying their lives nearly as much as they want to. Of course, they don’t have to stay that way…it is possible to live a purposeful and satisfying life and work in the daily grind of London’s economic hub. Sometimes in our work together clients decide to shift their lives dramatically and leave the treadmill and Arnie behind. Just as often though, people I work with choose to take over the controls on the treadmill, making coach Arnie redundant and focus on moving further up the ladder. Either way, clients experience the freedom to confidently make choices that allow them to pursue their goals, which means that they can feel empowered. Not surprisingly, by taking action either way they report feeling happier at work, at home and within.

Which way is right for you?

You decide…then take action to be happy in London, or anywhere.


Rachel Moore Therapy is based in London. For those in the Moorgate, Bank and Liverpool Street station area therapy is offered at the Light Centre Moorgate. Coaching and hypnotherapy is also available at 1 Harley Street which is near Oxford Circus and Bond Street tube stations. After working in the US for over 10 years, Rachel now runs a private therapy practice in London where she works with clients who are ready to make positive changes in their lives.